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Break Time is Over

In early August I completed the first draft of Part II after thirteen months. During the break I read two excellent fiction books: The Searchers by Alan LeMay and Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow by David Gemmell. The most time-consuming thing has been laying the ground work for my Author’s Platform. During this time, I’ve been jotting notes in my little notebook about Part III and the book as a whole. I have one more project to complete before I start writing Part III: I need to read Part I and II back to back, it’s 402 pages. I need things fresh in my mind before I lead a 50,000 word charge into the climax of Part III.

When I finish writing Part III, I’m thinking I’ll rewrite the whole book having all things in mind as I go through it. I’ll set the whole book next to my computer and place my fingers on the keys and type it out again, adding and subtracting, buffing and shining until the end. This will be like having the 30,000 ft view at that point, I’ll finally have a grasp of the scope and depth of the book’s entirety that I have dreamed of having. I can foreshadow better, say things better, hint at themes, and solidify the premise so that every character, chapter, paragraph and word rings with authenticity.

This will also help me finally write an excellent synopsis and what the book world calls a “book trailer” …next time you’re in the book store read the back of the book, that’s ‘the hook’ …and that’s what I need to write to draw in the readers out there in the net world that I’ll be reaching with my Platform. 

I have not lost one ounce of passion since I started three years ago, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intimidated by the goals I’ve set and grappling with this epic saga. I’ve had to revise things a bit. Realistically, I don’t think I can be finished until Spring of 2011.

Some time around then, I’ll begin to reveal more about the characters and story by putting up a more detailed back of the book snippet.

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