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I have none when it comes to progress on the book. I do have avoidance to the work at times. My mind is going in a few distracting directions today. I’ve just finished editing a huge 409 paged MS Word doc that comprises Parts One and Two of my fantasy saga. So, I’m giving myself a little break, but I feel restless. There is still months worth of work to do in those parts. I’ve made the notes needed to continue into Part Three but I must have patience.

I’ve had a paradigm shift in the way I wanted to bring it to market. It’s a huge undertaking that I’m wanting to start, now. I’m tempted to go ahead with it. But the Muse insists, patience.

I wanted to download more epic music–the soundtrack I use to contemplate the characters and story and mix the songs in a playlist. Patience.

I wanted to go to Best Buy and look at video/audio equipment and software to do podcasts. Patience.

I wanted to read just one more book about writing. Patience.

I wanted to add friends on Facebook and Twitter. Patience.

I’m so eager to get it out there. I feel like I’ve been working in an empty stadium. I want to invite the masses. But they don’t even know about it yet. It’s not ready though. That is a fact. It needs to be ready before the curtain is pulled back. And, working on my author’s Platform is making ads for a book that is unfinished. Patience.

When I used to blog like a lunatic on my Xanga blog, and had a large amount of visitors each day, gratification was quick. Comments would flow in and I knew lots of people were reading what I wrote. I don’t get that gratification anymore. I’ve gone into the loft so to speak. When I come down, I don’t want to fall down the stairs. My book needs sturdy legs and wings to fly.

I’m agitated and restless. I know what calms me…doing my work, the work I was meant to do and in a sense have no choice but to do. Not even really knowing where it will lead.


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