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What is Great Fiction About? | Creed_of_Kings on Xanga

What is Great Fiction About? | Creed_of_Kings on Xanga.

  I’m creating an entire culture, society, belief system, landscape, philosophy, history and creatures around characters and story. As Clancy said, “The difference between fiction and non fiction is that fiction has to make sense.” I can’t rely on a world ready made, to draw from and resonate in the readers mind. I’m trying to make a world, that has never existed, make sense and do it well enough for readers to be willing to suspend disbelief long enough to go for a ride. It is my hope to make that ride unforgettable—then I realize my godforsaken Visa bill is due and I’ve put the envelope in that special place where I just knew I wouldn’t forget its location.When I try to objectively read what I’ve written, I’m very pleased. I try to back the pleasure off a few notches realizing that I’m biased for my own material. When I imagine the plans I have for the characters and story, it moves me emotionally because I can project the finish manuscript’s feel. I think is different in a good way from most fantasy fiction. My reading of fantasy fiction is not exhaustive but I’ve read a lot of books.

When they say there is nothing new under the sun, that is correct. It has all been done. This is what I’ve tried to be mindful of when creating my book.

From Robert McKee’s masterpiece “Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting

Story is about principles, not rules.

Story is about eternal, universal forms, not formulas.

Story is about archetypes, not stereotypes.

Story is about thoroughness, not shortcuts.

Story is about the realities, not the mysteries of writing.

Story is about mastering the art, not about second-guessing the marketplace.

Story is about respect, not disdain, for the audience.

Story is about originality, not duplication.

It makes you wonder if anyone in Hollywood has read his book.

What I want to do is juxstaposed in McKee’s book with what is typical in creative efforts nowadays in books, movies and music.  

When talented people write badly it’s generally for one of two reasons; Either they’re blinded by an idea they feel compelled to prove or they’re driven by an emotion they must express. When talented people write well, it is generally for this reason; They’re moved by a desire to touch the audience.

When a person reads my book, I want them to be sad its over because they’ve fallen in love with those characters in that world. I love books that make me feel that way. I think that is a good feeling. I want to give people those kinds feelings.

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