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I Will Reveal Sometime Next Year…(or this week)

…in some form or fashion the epic saga I’ve been working on for almost four years. The battles are epic and the love is heart wrenching…and that’s only about writing it.

Several times over the years I’ve been asked what’s it about. Other than saying it’s like GLADIATOR, TROY and MEMIORS OF A GEISHA blended together and told in a fantasy fiction format, that’s all of I’ve said. But that’s like saying LORD OF THE RINGS is about Hobbits. Those descriptions only hint, they don’t tease, they frustrate. I’ve put together a “book trailer” (see my You Tube Channel on the right) using borrowed images, it’s silly but it helped me capture some salient points while making it. I’ve given out about 15 copies to test readers and to my utter shock about 8 of them actually read the whole thing! Could you imagine? A friend comes to you and shyly asks you to read a little something he wrote. If I’m honest, I couldn’t do it. But they are the only ones who have glimpsed the world of the CREED OF KINGS saga.

At this stage, I’m just beginning part three of a three-part book. It is about 430 pages front and back in MS Word, font size 12, a very minor pinch of space between lines, margins normal. I don’t know exactly what that fills out to in a hardback book, but I estimate 500 to 600 hundred pages. By the time I’m done we’re talking about an epic fantasy fiction book, the beginning of a saga, one of which I already know the ending.

Here’s the “(or this week)” part.

I have winced at the idea of putting up anything online before I’m finished. I have made up names, countries, maps, religions etc. None of that will appear here before the book is done to my liking. I don’t fear people stealing my stuff. I could prove beyond doubt that all the material is mine. My concern is things could/will change by the end. That’s why I want to finish before I began to tease. I did put a little bit in the banner up there. I realize it’s vague. However, there is one aspect of the book that wouldn’t hurt to reveal. I have a piece that I’m working on that I will put up before the week is over. It’s a fundamental idea in the story that can evolve in the depths without much notice on the surface. I’m not sure what style I’ll use. A little story? A “back of the book” tease? Or a plain dry exposition?

Here is where I write during the day:


Those papers on the wall are notes on part three and a sketch of the “temple”, the name I cannot disclose.

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