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Tron Legacy

I write with epic music playing on Windows Media Player. It’s great for imagining scenes in the book. I downloaded the exclusive Amazon Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk (23 songs) for 7.99. There are moments of true greatness here. Solid mood music for writing and reading over material I’ve written. This is non-cheesy heroic sounding stuff. Definitely worth the price. I like them all but the disco sounding ones, thankfully there are only three like that. There is one with talking in it, which is distracting, so I don’t need that one. 19 good to great songs out of 23 isn’t bad for my purposes. That’s a better than usual percentage when I download epic soundtracks.

Favs (at this point) are: The Game Has Changed, Solar Sailor, Arrival, Flynn Lives, Finale. Noteworthy is the digital growl/scream in the track Fall. Awesome!
Seems Amazon and YouTube are cool with their symbiosis. I hate it that I can only sample 25 seconds of music on Amazon, so I go to YouTube, find the whole song, and listen. They both must be benefiting from this. Free enterprise rules.

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